Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Roll down your windows

You can often find yourself compelte drenched in life, and in a way feel like your drowning by all the intensity and power to everything, that's really when when you should roll up your window for a while and just look at it through a pane of glass to truley see and look at what your missing out on there - you know? Your riding down the road, with your window down and it's rainging outside, you can really feel the raindrops and the wind, and the cold.. Roll your window back up and for all you know, it could be sunny.. all you see is the few raindrops on your wind-shield, your no longer apart of it and your enclosed space is keeping you from the outside world and is keep you from getting wet. When somethings covered, does it just go away? Roll up your windows, and consider what's outside, consider what season it is, and whats really out there.. it's only up to us to take a closer look and to find what we've been looking for, only to truley relize we've had what we wanted all along, and that all we had to do was roll down our windows to be apart of it.

Your friend,
Cory Ag

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