Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where has all our energy gone? has it diminished in size despite the fact that what we see around us has stayed the same dispite their changes; they still stayed the same in their worth and place in this world. Does energy decrease in size, when were less inspired and pumped, I think so. Ok, So that leave me to think, "what can I ultimatly do to kikc this up a notch and really show myself what it is I'm made of, whill i ever have another chance? and if so, then when? Can there possible be a breaking point, or are there no points at all. When will there be a time to stare dout in the face, or will we just wait till the time comes along on it's own" And that's really when things really start to kick off; that's when things get really clear. There's never been a better time to start, because starting is the first part of beginning and beginning is the start of what never ends.

There's never an end

Love always,

Cory Ag

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