Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heres to the people who do what they love. it could be music, or making cartoons, i could be film makers, Photographers, shark biologists, or going to school, it could be hobbies. it could be ANYTHING. I love it along with you.

here's to love, for everybody in this world brave enough to see that there's always been a better place inside of us all along.

here's to non belevers

here's to people whos lives are constantly living a life dominated by dout

here's to leaders,

here's to followers

heres to joy

here's to all the people who stand in line

here's the to the people who choose not to wait

heres to the people who think everybodys the same

here's to being happy

here's to being sad,

heres to being depressed

heres to friends

heres to family,

heres to the trees the grass and the leaves

here's to the children and teens

here's to the people in jain

here's to the elderly

here's to the people whos' lost their way

here's to the peple who have lost so mething important

here's to DREAMS

here's to success

here's to bumpy roads,

heres to up and downs

Heres to passion

here's to the people who put lies in your face

heres who put their lies behind.

heres to disagreeing

and heres to the person who is able to get past that

Heres to the sick and the healthy

here's to partnership

heres to brotherhood

here's to whats outside your window

heres to the cars and vehicles that were invented

heres to electricity

heres to water and air

here's to the warm bed I sleep in at night

and here's to the concrete bed thats outside.

here's to the homeless

here's to the homies

here's to shoes

heres to entertainment,

heres to computers

heres to true people

here's to the found

here's to workers

heres to the people who help us keep safe

here's to doctors and hospitals

heres to our heart and head

heres to parents

heres to foster parents

heres to the poor

heres to the rich

here's to ALL music and and tv shows

heres to all colors and shapes

here's to the world. This is Not denying anything or anyone this is for all of you. This is My friendship to you,this is my love that I bring and give to you.

I love you. I love stuff, I love things, I love people. This is great, you are great never forget it, when times look rough, you look smooth. keep going, your amazing, there has never been a better time ti be here, there has never been a better time to be alive.

This is not going anywhere. this is for you. Look inside of yourself, we are lucky to even be alive. This is our opertunity. would you give up all you want all to keep the things you've got? or would you give up all you've got all to get the things you want? Everything we've ever wanted has always been here inisde of us.

Cherrish this, Cherrish you..

we have found our..pride.

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