Tuesday, December 12, 2006

keep going, your doing fine. Everything is fine, you have your whole life ahead of you, who knows when it will end, but you know where it starts and it starts here, right now. As you read this, you know. You always knew. Whats so stupid about living. This is Only the truth...thats just it.. just the truth. theres nothing anyone can do to change it.

keep going, dont be a fucking wimp. lifes full of ups and downs, but you have something that those ups and downs will never have, with that siad you are on the higher level of things. Your are strong enough to conquer it, stomp on it, and you also have the strength to hug it and keep it safe, for it's all you've got.

The way that you feel will be forzen forever in time, never to be changed. Noone can mess with it, or tweek it, it's yours to have and to feel and to hold. Life is sweet, but it's only getting better. The end of this was only the begiining and the beginning was only the end.

Live with pride, what have we got to lose. The very second you waste is the very second you wont get back. Think about it, the very second you dont use, the very second you forget about is the second that you will never get again. Were getting older and older and older, take a look inot a mirror then an hour later go back.. are you the same? or are you diffrent? You are diffrent. but thats ok!!

Dont take this for granted. Nows a time to remeber how lucky we are to be alive

I want us all to remember that we are lucky enough to be alive!!!!!!!!

our shining stars are the twinkles in our eyes, good feelings are from the inside of our hearts, and your strength is inside your soul

I lvoe all of you dont ever forget that

for when one day... for when one day im not here.. to say this, it can always ALWAYS ring into your heart and soul without betraying you, or Anbadoning you. This is here for you when you need it. And so will I.

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