Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This has never been better. This is a great time right now. With all the opertunitys, and the masses gathered, when will we have the time and stength to do the things we love, to not be bothered by little things like being shy or being emabressed, when will we start taking pride in something that is oviously short, I really dont know.

This is more than me. this is more than you, this is more than us. The fact that your here still and doing what you love, makes it very clear you have surpassed me. Keep your spirits high, and keep going.

I want all of you to do what you find is best for you, and to continue in the best way you can think of. I want you to have faith in yourselves, and remember that you ARE in fact one of a kind, you have never happend before and there will never be another, even long after your gone, even in all the years.. and thats it, thats how it's going to be. Each second you make it into History, and it's your second to shine.Each second is yours to have to do as you will. And there's nothing anyone can do.

This is it, are we going to wimp out or be brave enough to accept this is our only chance. What have we got to lose but time itself. what do we have to lose but this very second, this very Minite this very year.

The very people who are alive right now, are amazing. I am honored, honored to know that there are in fact people still out there, people who are living!! Im Honored to even be here. The simple fact that Im here to type, here to talk, to breath to yell, to function wow... what if this were all diffrent.. Because we inhabit this earth, this world has changed, for the better or worse.. who knows. But what i do know is that im very thankful for the things I have. I cant beleve I got this opertunity, I cant beleve i have friends and family, I cant beleve I have any of this.

keep on hitting the ball outta bounds, and keep on trying.

Your Friend,

Cory A.g

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