Tuesday, December 12, 2006

it truley is amazing how were still able to talk, and to fuction and to type.. all the things that could possibly end our lives short has yet to happen, and for that I am very greatful, and honored.. that I can even have this chance to be here, when there are so many others who didnt get the chance..there were and are so many others less fortunate than I am... with that said we are very obligated to take everything we have and make sure Iwedont take advantage of it.

We cant just sit around and wait for things to happen, people spend their whole lives waiting for the happy ending to come.. when a happy ending is just that..a happy "END"ing. Dont wait for an ending. Do whatever it is you can to make things you want possible.

Life is not ALL about things you wish to have, but the things around you that you have availble right now! would you give up all you've got all to get the things you want? or would you give up all you want all to keep the things you've got??? Everything we want is here, right here, right inside of yourself all along.

This isnt a matter of understanding everything, it's not a matter of doing thigns diffrently, but it's a matter of doing the very things that you want to do and love to do.

im proud of all of you, I honestly am. you've gone a long ways, and your still pushin forwards.just keep on pushing your way through and keep trying.. tyring is one of many things that noone can take away from you.

cause as you can understand, your the only thing that people cannot take from you, everything you stand for, lived for.. is now forever frozen in time.. keep that safe, and goodhearted.

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