Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If we can take what we have, and what we know. And hold on to it tight, if we can get motivated, if we can stop worrying about what other people are doing, if we break the mold, if we keep going, if we can relax and leave the walls that we've put up, if we can accept that even if the stuff you do is considered "werid" or diffrent that that was exactly your intent, if we can just start to think about others, if we can relize that this could end within seconds, if we could look and feel and see the world around us and not put up barriers, the tree over there isnt just a tree, but it's bark and leaves and a home for everything yuo can think of, do you know that tree? have you lived with it all yuor life, have you stuyied it da and night? You will NEVER really "know" the tree, but you can still look and wonder and picture and imagine, use your imagination.

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