Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm not

I'm not stopping... ever

without a shadow of a down, I truley Beleve.. in Beleving, that goes without being said. I enjoy what I do, I love being here, I love the fact that I'm still alive with all of you, wither you feel i'm joking...or that it's only a phase, but you will soon discover, that not only is this true.. but that it will remain true, it will remain the way it is, dispite what others might think.

I dont want to be this way, because of religion or Philosophey.. None of this has anything to do with either of those things, this is only the full blown up in your face join us or go away truth.

People can and will laugh. You can walk down the road in a holloween costum and wave at people, and there's bound to be people laughing, but what does any of that matter, when your 100 years old do you really think your gonna remeber people laughing, no your going to remeber being out in the costum in the first place, your gonna remeber all the stuff that you can here to do, your going to remember how cool it was to live.

We honesetly truley have nothing to lose. Just do what you want, you will never truley know how it will turn out intill you try.. even if it never turns out the way you wanted.. at least you tried and thats all that counts. Life is Short, So I say give it everything we can.. and I dont say that very lightly or mellow I say this with the greatest passion and energy and love you can possibly think of!!!!!! Why? because I can.

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