Tuesday, December 12, 2006

keep on running like the thunder! keep on running like the wind! dont worry bout your future, or tryin to fit in. You will always succeed, just have faith in what you do, just remeber to follow your heart.. youll always be you, remeber what your here for, remeber why you strive, remeber who you are, and why your alive. There's always things that happen, that's what pushes us to to more, Just think about all the things, you should be thankful for.

Now's a time to try and be better!, now's a time to be strong!, now's a time to work harder!, you know what's right and wrong! Now's a time improve!, now's a time to be you!, quit trying to fit in!.. now's a time that will never come again!. now's a time to take pride in our quest!, now is the time.. dont ever settle for less.

our targets never been far from range, but things have been overlooked.. just put all lifes experiances, in a pot, and see what can be cooked. Some days can be easy and some can be down, some days you can feel loud, and some days with no sound.. the days are growing shorter now.. with so seconds left to waste, it's time to live our lives really loud, it all adds the extra taste! now we add a pinch of pepper, add a little fun, add a little happiness, and stuff for everyone.

it's time to turned this up a notch! time to stop and think, it's time to care about others, were not worryed about what other people think. Happiness has been here, it's been here all along, and it was up for us to see it, and to sing our favorite song, cause if we add our songs together, sing them beyond and above, our friendship could never end, it's bonded by love-

Cory A.g

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