Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What are we afraid of? What exacly makes us so scared off by living, by being possitive, I personally dont see any of this as being possitive.. it just comes natrual.. because it's how things really are. IT'S THE TRUTH! and wither people think it is or not is a diffrent story, thats just what they think, they cant change it no matter what they think.

So scared of our fears, scared of what other people will think.. it's a hard decition between trying to fit in and totally taking everything you have without fear of it all.

Just be you!!!! You wont have another you, and they wont see another one of you, you are it. Your are THE ONE. throw all the fears, of not being accepted, of not fitting in, of what other people will say..!! because it's not even going to matter. What really counts is what matters in the end.. period

You dont have anything to lose, but your own life. Take risks Live life, Go agenst the croud.. do what ever it takes to do what you want, do what ever it takes to make sure that you are having a good time. Do what ever you can!!! Do you think in 20 years you'll even remeber being afraid to go to the prom, or being to afraid to take risks.. to try that new job you were afraid to take.. to do something new. To get Into a croud of people you dont even know and say "HEY!!! HERE I AM HOW IS EVERYONE DOING! MY NAME IS ( insert name here)!!!"

dont be afriad to take risks, dont be afraid, dont be scared. Even if the worst thing you possibly could dream of happens.. You enver came out of it with NOTHING!! You tried and thats what counts!!! Even if their not as nice as you expected, you just remeber IT'S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE TO TAKE WHAT THEY SAY OR DO TO HEART!!! it's up to you.

This is all up to you, face your fears, take risks, Listen to what other people have to say but understand your not them and dont have to be, be kind, do to people what you want done to yourself! and most importantly... Love.

The truth is... If love never exsisted.... Neither would I

With respect and Admirtion and love

Your friend Always,

Cory A.g

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