Saturday, December 23, 2006

Where has all our energy gone? has it diminished in size despite the fact that what we see around us has stayed the same dispite their changes; they still stayed the same in their worth and place in this world. Does energy decrease in size, when were less inspired and pumped, I think so. Ok, So that leave me to think, "what can I ultimatly do to kick this up a notch and really show myself what it is I'm made of, will I ever have another chance? and if so, then when? Can there possible be a breaking point, or are there no points at all. When will there be a time to stare dout in the face, or will we just wait till the time comes along on "it's own" And that's really when things really start to kick off; that's when things get really clear. There's never been a better time to start, because starting is the first part of beginning and beginning is the start of what never ends! There's never an end and theyre never will be.The point of doing things, is being alive. The point of being alive is doing things.. And what better opertunity is there?? When something is covered does it just go away? Does it change shape or form when it's covered.. Will we ever know? Could it change it's form back to normal As so as sceince or people make an effort to study it. Who knows. Dont be afraid, the things that are most scary are the things we all need to go after and face.. Will we even remember being scared of them 30 years from now? Or will we just remember it by the journey and not but how much things terrified us, and that really brings things into perspective, it really shows we can do anything if we put effort into it, how much energy we have, how much insperation we get, how much passion we have, how much were determined and by the simple effect of love apont those we love, and just of life itself. And it all pushes us forwards and keeps us going and the the beauty of it all. The beauty of it all rests on your shoulders, Without you there is no beauty.. because without you there would be no one to perseive it as such. There would be no love, No fear, no hatred, no passion, no lust, No fun, no happiness. Which compeltly shows how we have made this world what it is.. and how much we've put into it. I'm very very very thrilled and honored that There are so many who strive to be better, who have passions, determination, and dreams. And it truley brings me to the dinner table to gorge on what seems to be a neverending buffey of friends. I'm So happy, to be surpunded by great people, by family, by friends.. And I can only imagine how far we will go.I can only picture how things will turn out for all of us. and it's hard, it really is.You can often find yourself compelte drenched in life, and in a way feel like your drowning by all the intensity and power of everything, that's really when when you should roll up your window for a while and just look at it through a pane of glass to truley see and look at what your missing out on there - you know? Your riding down the road, with your window down and it's raining outside, you can really feel the raindrops and the wind, and the cold.. Roll your window back up and for all you know, it could be sunny.. all you see is the few raindrops on your wind-shield, your no longer apart of it and your enclosed space is keeping you from the outside world and is keep you from getting wet. When somethings covered, does it just go away? Roll up your windows, and consider what's outside, consider what season it is, and whats really out there.. it's only up to us to take a closer look and to find what we've been looking for only to truley relize we've had what we wanted all along, and that all we had to do was roll down our windows to be apart of it.

Were always apart of it.
Cory Ag

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