Saturday, January 06, 2007

Everything is new- literally.

Things are getting better and better every time we see them. Could it be possible that every time we see something- it would be the first time we had seen it before? Was everything we have ever seen new to begin with? As an example: You are using the computer but it's forever changing, even as I type.. new things are occuring, my fingers have NEVER pressed the keyboard in this way before- these series of words are in fact new dispite seeing these words seperatly in diffrent context during the period of our lives, these words have never been on this screen before in this point of time, and it has never been 8:09 pm January 6th, 2007. ALL of this is new, and who can say whats going to happen next. whos to know(marry poppins) exactly what is (cranberry) going to be said next? This was never our time to waste a second of what was given new to us everyday of our lives. We are constantly growing, we are constantly new

We are unforgettable.

just trust me

With love,
Cory ag

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