Friday, February 09, 2007

You cant stop what you cant end

This is growing, time never stands still with that said there has never been a better time to look. There are seconds in your life where they feel like theyre the same, but thats when we need to take a closer look. Is what I'm writing the same thing you've read before in a book? Maybe some of the words and sentences have been said before, but is surley put together diffrently, in a diffrent month, in a diffrent year at a diffrent time.Has this time ever happend before? Or is this yet again another second that is new? Is theyre a huge vast of new seconds coming our way, or will we perseive them as old? Still either way the new seconds never end, and they tick away as they cross into the realm of unimaginable beauty and the unknown.Will we cherrish these seconds, or will we just sit around and do nothing? Will we be vunerable from douts causing us to melt away? As Humans, Should we be susceptible to the world around us? Maybe we arnt so susceptible to what seems like a neverending infection from lack of pride, acceptance and energy as we thought. Maybe everything we have ever wanted was always inside of us all along. Maybe the world filled with vast masses of mass, energy and molecules can be seen from all sides and angles.As it's been said, "You have to look at things in all directions before crossing" and you. You dont just look left and then right but up and donw and north and south and west and north west and any of directions theyre are possible. What has this ever been? This is under no circumstances anything less than an explosion of life and that goes without saying. All of this goes without saying. Nothing had to be said in order for it to be or keep going. That's the beauty of it all, events happen and thats how things are and the movement of time keeps going. Time is persistant, even on the darkest days it still manages to stay on top of things without hesitation or second thoughts. But if Time is persitant, then ultimatly would make you persistant right along with it, your in time as we speak and it is time in which is holding you up. There are no coincidences here. This is it, and it's exactly how we felt, that day we took a trip to the store blasting the music with the window open and the wind blowing in your face, it's the time spent with family and loved ones. The feeling of excitment, or fear, the feeling of relife and pride, the feeling of being successfull, the feeling you got when you didnt do so hot. it all adds up and all is being accounted for and used!! Not one thing is everything and everything is not just one thing. Dont worry, you are right. You were right all along. this has always been inside of you to take to have to feel to jump to laugh to spill to hug and cherrish and most importantly to love.

Your friend,
Cory Ag

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