Monday, March 12, 2007

In the end we are ALL going in the same direction

The point of doing anything is just to live, to be alive! the point of being alive is to do stuff! Thats the whole point were here. And there shouldnt be any reason to accept anything less. it's our time to make our own decitions, to learn our own lessons, to take our own journeys, to do what we've always wanted to do, to do things we wernt so excited about, to improve the way we think about everything, to be a team, to remember this isnt about YOU but about US, to be proud about who you are, but soak in and embrase all in which you need to improve on, To have pride in yourself - no matter what! to understand we are all square pegs in a round hole; were all diffrent, to be the best we can be n any situation, to not be so suseptable to the infectious lack of pride, to not let anyone tell you what to do; but to still make the better decition on your own, to do unto others what you want done to yourself, to do all the things your passinate about, to not get distracted from whats really important, to soak all the information you possibly can, to take what makes us sad and use it to drive us to do MORE

To live life intill there is no more life to live. This is another chip off the rock, and we continue to chip the rock to find our diamond.

in the end, we will find we have been the dimond we've been chipping for all along.

Your friend,
Cory Ag

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